Asha HouseAsha House: A house of Hope for the desolate and at risk children of India.

Asha, the Hindi word for Hope is a children’s home located in New Delhi, India that offers hope to the children of India. Located in a rental house, Asha is a home to 26 children and 7 staff members.  Within the Asha family, there is no room for institutional care.  All of the children feel like sons and daughters, not clients in an institution.  The vision for Asha was given to its “father” and “mother” who have worked with orphans for a combined 12 years.

FaceBook fans can also follow them by searching for “Simini Prafulla (Victor Prafulla).”

The vision for Asha House was planted in the hearts of the house parents before they had even met.  Both Victor and Simini felt the Lord calling them to be a father and mother to the orphaned and rejected children of northern India.  Both hailing from South India, they have been called out of their comfort zones, out of the world they know and into a larger story of the Father Heart of God.  They went separately to the same Bible College, never meeting until their field work in Delhi.  They met working at a children’s home, where the Lord planted the vision to move out from their current ministry covering.  They were to pioneer new work in parts of India where the gospel hasn’t reached, and where there is little or no community of believers.

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